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Zhongke self feeding mixer and welding and welding are actually glued with sealing strip. This is also an operation to ensure a tight seal. Otherwise, these crevices are easy to be filled by the wind or sand outside, causing corrosion and so on. An unpleasant sight. Today, I would like to share with you the daily maintenance of the sealing strip.
1. Check whether there are large cracks or cracks in the seal of self feeding mixer. If the seal breaks, it can be repaired with adhesive. In particular, the use of special adhesives on seals can easily fill large crack areas. Of course, if the seal is seriously damaged or damaged, replace it with a new one.
2. After the driver cleans the sealing strips of doors and windows with self feeding mixer, he should apply a layer of penetration protection agent to prevent the aging of the sealing strips and significantly improve the sealing performance of the sealing strips. Allow me. In addition, the gap between the sealing strips is easy to be filled with dust and rust. To do this, you need to use a brush to remove dust.
3. When replacing the whole fuselage, it is necessary to apply a layer of sealant on the overlap of the welding parts. The thickness of the adhesive layer is about 1 mm and there should be no defects such as poor adhesion or bubbles. The whole bottom surface of the floor and the bottom surface of the front wheel cover shall be coated with elastic coating and anti-corrosion coating of 3mm to 4mm. These measures not only significantly improve the sealing performance of the car body, slow down the corrosion rate of the car body, but also greatly improve the ride comfort.
4. Sealing the door and the door is a relatively difficult part. Sealing requirements are relatively strict. The parts to be sealed are relatively long, the cross-sectional shape of each sealing part is different, and the door is often opened and closed. Install 3-way and 4-way sealing gasket on concrete mixer truck, and install 4-way sealing structure of front column and side beam of top beam. This kind of multi-channel seal is usually placed in the gap between the front doors, which not only has the sealing function, but also has the function of reducing vehicle noise.
5. After the window glass is damaged, the driver should check whether the sealing strip is damaged when replacing the glass. After maintenance, the window usually does not return to its original shape. Therefore, in addition to being able to easily pull up and lift the window glass, attention should also be paid to the sealing around the window glass. If the gap between the glass and the glass container is not uniform, the rubber strip has poor contact between the glass and the glass container, and the driver can easily pull the sealing ring by hand.
6. When replacing the roof, the driver must first press fit and apply a layer of conductive sealant around the roof. After welding, apply flanging glue on the runner and joint. It's not just good for the body. The seal can prevent the premature corrosion of the automobile caused by the water accumulated in the flange weld.
7. The skylight of concrete mixer is the basic configuration of most family cars. When you open the car's skylight, the rubber sealing guide rail will be exposed to the air, which will inevitably accumulate dust and even enter the small gravel. After long-term use, the skylight may be deformed due to wear, and the drain may be blocked. Therefore, it is very important to clean and lubricate the forklift regularly.
The weatherstrip is only a small part of the fuselage, but it ensures the stability and weight of the door, protects the interior from wind, rain, dust, heat and noise, and decorates the edges of the door and windows. When the car body vibrates or twists, the sealing strip can also be used as a shock absorber and shock absorber to protect the glass. Therefore, the maintenance of concrete mixer is not easy, and if there is no connection, it can not be ignored.

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